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You should always use the Personalized Emailer to send the draft messages created by this solution. Personalized Emailer provide you options to send the messages immediately or send later. If you choose the send later option, after review the messages use the solution to send the messages. Execute the Personalized Emailer solution, it will prompt you to send the draft messages created earlier.

We could not set the “To” field for the draft messages because of an issue of the GroupWise client. “To” field not visible in the GroupWise client even though we specified. Work around we used to store the “To” field value in a custom field called “ADV MailMerge”. You can add the column “ADV MailMerge” into the Work-In-Progress folder to see the “To” field value.

See below the steps to add a column in the folder view:
– Select the Work-In-Progress folder – right mouse click and select Properties – select Display tab – click “More Display Settings” – click “Edit Columns” – select “Adv MailMerge” and press Add.
– Alternatively you can right mouse click from the column fields (name, subject, date, etc) to see the more columns options.

Hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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