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    Is there a way to differentiate if the user picked “Forward” or “Forward as Attachment”?

    Sorry, not available at present.


    Is there another method I could use to determine the current message when the Client.ClientState.CommandMessage fails?

    You can try to access the message using the clientstate.SelectedMessages. This method will not work, if you run the code when message view is opened.
    set oMessage = Client.clientstate.selectedmessages.item(1)

    Not sure whether it will help, may be you can try to change the “OnForward” event order in Formativ. You can change the event execution order (i.e “Before GroupWise Event”, “After GroupWise Event”, “Replace GroupWise Event”). Open the Events dialog from the “Formativ Integrations” tab page, click small the drop-down arrow next to the “OnForward” event, change to “Before GroupWise Event” or “Replace GroupWise Event”.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support