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You need to have database access services installed on your PC regardless of whether you are using Formativ or any other development tool. The only example I have is where we use Microsoft’s ADO (Active Data Objects) to access a JET (Access) database:

sub UpdateAcceptedSupportIssue(iMsg, iEvent, iEngineer)

  dim iADOObj
  dim iRST 

  ' create a new instance of an ADO Connection object 
  set iADOObj = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
  ' Did we get a handle to the ADO connection  
  if not isobject(iADOObj) then
    call msgbox("Failed to create ADODB.Connection object.", vbCritical, "Support Example")
    ' open the test data source with the Connection object  
    iConnnectString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & SUPPORT_DATABASE  
    iADOObj.Open iConnnectString
    ' Are we connected to the database?
    if err.number = 0 then
      ' Connected to the database - what do we want to do?  We currently support
      ' accepting a new support incident, and completing (closing) an incident.
      select case iEvent
        ' Accept - Add a new record the SQL database
        case "GW#C#ACCEPT"
          iSQLString = "INSERT INTO Support(Incident,RequestedBy,Subject,ResponsibleEngineer,RequestedDate) VALUES ('"& iMsg.MessageID &"','"& iMsg.FromText& "','"& iMsg.Subject&"','" & iEngineer & "','"&SQLDate(Date)&"')"

        ' Complete (close) - Update the existing record in the SQL database        
        case "GW#C#COMPLETE"
          iSQLString = "UPDATE Support SET CompletedDate='" & SQLDate(Date + 5) & "' WHERE Incident='" & iMsg.MessageID &"'"
      end select 

      ' close and remove the Recordset object from memory  
      set iRST = Nothing  
      msgbox err.description, vbCritical, IDS_CAPTION
    end if
    ' Close and remove the Connection object from memory
  end if   
  set iADOObj = Nothing 

end sub

You can learn more about ADO from this link to Microsoft’s web site.

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support