Thank you so much Advansys Support. Excellent work. This is really useful, and works really well.

I really hate to ask for more handouts, however i am really struggling to find what other predefined variables I can call on
such as: GroupWise.Account.Owner.DisplayName etc etc, where can I find more information on what variables i can call up? I have been trying the programmers chm guide (from your website.

I have a simple task, which you have already helped me get 50% complete with your previous reply.

We will send out a message from our “heat” (support system) and when a user click on reply, we want it to close their own view of a reply and load our form which has a maximum of 8 fields that they will fill out. These are then emailed to xyz@xxx.ac.za. The format of the reply is simply each field to be seperated by a | (pipe).

If this is beyond the scope of the assistance we can request, I understand and perhaps a pointer at some examples would be a great help on:
1. Create a new email with around 8 fields of data that would go in the body of the message
2. Pull NDS fields into body of the message.