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It’s very difficult to say what might be causing this problem to persist on a couple of machines, but it’s probably a fairly safe assumption that it’s a specific environmental issue.

Are all the machines the same in terms of specification (i.e. processor, memory, antivirus software, etc)?

You may want to try (temporarily) disabling any antivirus software, etc, and try again to see if something on the machines is consuming resources that might cause the solution to fail.

You may also want to try increasing the amount of available virtual memory. Do this via the Windows Control Panel. Select the System applet, then select the Advanced tab. Press the Settings button on the Performance group. When the Performance Options dialog appears select the Advanced tab. Press the Change button in the Virtual Memory group. Increase the Initial and Maximum MB size (I am using 768 and 1536MB respectively). Press Set, then OK.

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support