Support 3

I have tested the solution today with GroupWise 7.0.1 (build date 14/12/2006) and it seems working as expected. I have selected messages from cabinet folder and root “Home” folder (i.e “Bill Smith Home”). Please see below some questions and suggestions:

  • I have set the “All Items” settings for the “Home” folder to view the messages (Select “Home” folder – change Display to “All Items”). What is your display settings for the “Home” folder?
  • What is the build date of your GroupWise client (see Help- About GroupWise)?
  • You said “when I use it the message disappears completlely. When I search for the message it finds it in ‘Paul Sherry Home’ and I can open it from the search dialog but it doesn’t show up in my mailbox.”, can you see the messages in “Paul Sherry Home” without using the search dialog? Where was these messages before you execute the solution (i.e “Paul Sherry Home” or mailbox folder)?

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