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Support 1a

    Thank you for the update. The error message reported above relates to the GroupWise Admin API, not the Trusted Application. However, given you referred to a trusted application error message, can I assume you saw a message at some point indicating the trusted application could not be created? If so, can I assume you now see neither message?

    An inability to connect to the master mailbox normally means either the trusted application has not yet been created, has not synchronised throughout the GroupWise system, has been defined using incorrect options, or Post Office Connection settings have not been specified.

    I would suggest you recreate the trusted application object and wait for it to synchronize throughout your GroupWise system. When you create the trusted application object ensure you don’t supply an IP address and port number. (A common mistake is to supply the IP address of the server hosting GroupWise – this is incorrect. The optional IP address associated with a trusted application is the address of the workstation from which the trusted application can be accessed from).

    You should then ensure the Post Office in which the master mailbox is associated has connection properties associated with it. You can supply either the IP address of the POA serving the post office, or the path to the post office on disk.

    Please let me know how you proceed.


    Advansys Support