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    We use a 3 tier system of configuration objects.

    One sits at the top of the tree, and associates all users with the main applet library.

    One sits at the departmental context _only_ if the department has special departmental applets, and associates all users with the main applet library, as well as the departmental applet library.

    One sits at the user context and associates a user with our test applet library, as well as the main applet library.

    This means that;
    – if a user is a test user, they use the user-level configuration object.
    – if a user is a normal user whose department has applets, they use the departmental-level configuration object.
    – all other users use the top-level configuration object.

    We have noticed some slightly awkward behaviour with the user-level configuration object. Our testers may not be the same people every time, and we only need to associate one tester with the object at a time. So we associate one person using the ‘associate’ button. Later, we then want to associate the object with a different user instead, so we use the ‘associate’ button again, and select the new test user. However, instead of the first user reverting to default settings, they remain associated with the object, so now there are two people associated with it.

    My question is; how do we UN-associate a user with the configuration object?

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    Thank you for your question below.

    The only way to unassociate an object (regardless of whether it is a user, OU, Group or Organization) is to edit the objects ‘See Also’ property. You’ll see a reference to the configuration object. Removing this reference will unassociate the object from the configuration object.

    We appreciate the lack of a ‘loop-back’ association mechanism cam make it difficult to identify associations between objects, and certainly makes it difficult (if not impossible) to remove the association programmatically. This is something we are looking at for a further release.

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support


    thanks Smile

    messy but thanks. At least it saves us deleting and recreating the configuration object.

    Support 1a

    We agree this is not optimal. This issue will be addressed in a future release.


    Advansys Support

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