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    I am attempting to persist some data in memory during the life of a GroupWise session.

    I’d like to use either the Caption or TabCaption of the Portal object to store this data. Is there a limit to the character length of this field?

    Thank You

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    Since Caption and TabCaption are display controls on the Portal, I would not recommend using them as a persistence store. They are Variant-typed objects, so their theoretical size is up to 2Gb. But there may be a lower limit because of their roles in the user interface.

    What data do you want to persist? How do you want to retrieve it? It may be better to use an INI file or the Windows Registry; the Formativ language supports both alternatives.

    Advansys Support


    Thank you for your response.

    Unfortunately, I am storing data that the client has specifically requested NOT be stored on disk or file. A DLL I have in place does not persist across applet invocations, so I cannot store the data there either.

    I realize this is an unorthodox approach to solving the problem, but it does seem to work. And I will never be displaying that portal in the portal window, so hopefully no user interface issues will arise.

    Thanks again for response.

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    Thank you for clarifying the scenario. I can’t think of a reason why UI issues might arise from defining an invisible portal.

    It may be that a future version of Formativ will include a means for in-memory persistence. The limitation described in my earlier post pertains to Formativ 1.6x.

    Advansys Support

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