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    We have confirmed that there is an issue with the ImageList component on a Form when using GroupWise 7 with the Themed appearance on Windows XP. That is, if you load an ImageList at design-time, it will fail:

    • if the GroupWise 7 appearance is not themed, or
    • on GroupWise 6.5x or below, or
    • on an older version of Windows.

    However, the preloaded ImageList will work when used at run-time on other systems running GroupWise 7, themed, on Windows XP.

    At present the work-around available to Formativ developers who have GroupWise 7 installed on Windows XP is to run GroupWise without the themed appearance.

    Running GroupWise 7 ‘non-themed’

    If you wish to develop applet Forms with preloaded ImageList components (ie. loaded at design-time), you will need to prevent GroupWise from running with the themed appearance.

    Create a file named:


    in the GroupWise installation directory, eg:


    Use a plain-text editor, eg. Notepad, to edit the file. Insert a single space and save the file.

    NB: Users of your applet do not need to use (or even know about) the XP manifest file.

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