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      Everything else seems to be there except for the tasks. On some it will find 1 or 2 old tasks that had been deleted but none of the new/current or reoccuring tasks.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance.

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        The only known cause of deleted tasks being migrated is that the Outlook Trash folder was renamed. Personal Outlook Migration has no way of recognizing the Trash folder if its name has changed.

        An Outlook task that is recurring will be migrated as a non-recurring GroupWise task; however its body text states that it is a recurring task.

        I am not sure why your new/current/recurring tasks do not migrate. Please help us analyze this issue by sending us your Formativ configuration, and the log file from a migration session. You may post these items to Support@advansyscorp.com. To obtain your Formativ configuration, go to the GroupWise client Help menu, and select About Formativ…; when the dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab and click the button Copy to clipboard, then paste the text into the body of your email. Here are instructions for obtaining the log file:

        • Hold down the Shift key as you start Personal Outlook Migration (this will generate a log file);
        • Undo part of the completed migration: click the Undo button, then (on the Undo dialog) select Tasks only and proceed to undo the migrated tasks;
        • Back on the main dialog, select Tasks only and click the Migrate button to migrate tasks from Outlook;
        • Close the dialog. A Notepad window should open; it contains the text of the log. Copy the text and paste it into your email to us.

        We look forward to hearing from you.

        Advansys Support


          There is no UNDO button.

          I clicked the help and it says to click the UNDO button but I can’t see one, only HELP, CANCEL and MIGRATE.

          Will send off the configuration info to Support.


          Support 1

            Thank you for your response.

            This issue will be dealt with offline of this forum.

            We will post an update here when there is a resolution to publicise.

            Advansys Support



              I have the same problems, the “undo” button is missing and I cannot migrate the tasks.

              Did you fix this in the near future?

              Support 1

                Thank you for your query.

                Our engineers have not been able to reproduce this problem. Consequently, we cannot update the solution with a ‘fix’ to this issue.

                Nevertheless, we would like to help with your migration.

                It is important to set up your Windows Messaging Service (WMS) with one profile for GroupWise and one profile for Outlook. The messaging clients must not share a profile. You can configure WMS by going to your Windows Control Panel, then open the Mail item.

                The Undo button appears if any Outlook items have been migrated successfully. The fact that the button is missing indicates that no items were migrated.

                Perhaps you could try migrating items other than tasks, like mail for example? It would help us to analyze this problem if you could do this, holding down the SHIFT key as you start the solution. This will produce a text log of the migration process, which may help us determine why it fails. Please post the text of the log here, or preferably in an email to support@advansyscorp.com.

                I hope this helps.

                Advansys Support

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