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    I have an applet that is triggered just before the “OnSend” event of on email message. This works fine when sending a new mail message. But if I double click on a received email message and then select the reply button at the top there is a list of 5 options that comes down:

    ReplyToSender (include..)
    Reply To Sender
    Reply To All (include…)
    Reply To All

    If I select the first one “Reply” and then I send, my applet runs fine. But if I select any of the other 4 options and then send the email my applet is never triggered.

    I would like it to be triggered for all of these options.


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    This works for us using GroupWise 6.5.1 and Formativ I do seem to remember that a problem did exist at some point with the Send event not working when a message was replied to in a particular way. Which versions of GroupWise and Formativ are you using?

    Advansys Support


    I have groupWise version 6.5, and formativ version 1.6. I think i need a new version of formativ. Do you have a service pack that you can send me?

    my email is wesley_pang25@hotmail.com


    Ok, I updated my version of formativ to by downloading it. But it still does not work. Does it work for you with groupwise 6.5.0 ?

    Support 1a

    We don’t have a copy of 6.5.0 installed here to test. It does work work with GroupWise 6.5.1 and above. I would suggest you try installing the 6.5 SP1 update to see if thay fixes the issue for you.

    Advansys Support

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