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    I have setup the system strictly according to the Administrator Quick Start Guide and am still having problems when I add an applet to the Corporate Applets section. It appears to be there but is not saved in NDS and when I rerun the GroupWise client, it is gone. I have the same setup on a test environment and it works perfectly, the only difference in the versions of Netware, NDS and Groupwise (I know, everything is different).

    I am running NW 5sp6a with NDS version 7.60a, GroupWise 6.0.0 in my live environment. Are any of these not compatible?

    The client machine I am using for admin is a Win2k sp3 with Client 4.83sp1.

    My test environment is NW 6sp2, eDir 8.6.2 and GroupWise 6.0.2.

    Please let me know what to check first.


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    Thank you for your question regarding eDirectory setup.

    The only component not compatible in your live system is GroupWise 6.0.0. Formativ is only supported with GroupWise 6.0.1 (SP1) or greater. However, I don’t think this component is causing your problem.

    Given you are able to get this to work on your test system, there is most likely an environmental issue. When you mention the applet appears in eDirectory, but is not saved, do you mean the applet appears in the Formativ Admin UI, but on restart it has dissapeared? If you check the library using ConsoleOne/NWAdmin can you see the applet object?

    As there are many variables in an eDirectory configuration, it would be very helpful if you could send the configuration information from the machine you experience the problem on. Try to publish an applet to the library in question, exit GroupWise and restart. Once started, perform the following steps to obtain the configuration information.

    – From the main GroupWise menu, select Help|About Formativ
    – Select the Configuration tab on the About dialog that appears
    – Press the Copy to Clipboard button. This copies the configuration information to the Windows clipboard
    – Press OK to close the Formativ About dialog
    – Compose a new email message to support@advansyscorp.com and paste the contents of the Windows clipboard to the body of the message. Send the message.

    On receipt of the message we’ll take a look and report our findings in this thread.

    Thank you,

    Advansys Support


    The applet is not truly saved to NDS. When I try to add applet, as long as the GroupWise client is running it shows up in the applet config screen. It has never shown up in NDS as on my test system.

    I have sent the config info and thanks for the quick response.


    Support 1a

    Your configuration information has been received. We will get back to you shortly.

    Advansys Support

    Support 1a

    This issue has been fixed in Formativ 1.5.8, available from the download page.

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