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      Version: 4.0 Public Release
      Code Release Date: October 28, 2016

      Updatable Archives

      • Full Sync
      • Deletion support
      • Deleted Items Archive
      • Partial Sync
      • Selected Folder updates
      • Fast Index updates
      • Template support


      • Automatically skips a problem folder upon first resume
      • Resume after last successful folder
      • Manually skip a folder being processed during export session

      Library Document Export

      • Export all documents to a central folder

      New Tools

      • Archive History
      • Archive Verifier
      • Message Repair

      Enhanced Logging

      • General optimizations and code improvements

      Benefits of Updatable Archives

      • Flexibility, performance, reliability
      • Fast updates
      • Export large accounts by folder or date range selection
      • Incremental account backup
      • Alternative to QuickFinder
      • Search across main account and personal archives

      Archive To Go Creator Wizard

      • Introduction Page – Main Menu
      • Quick access to Archive To Go tools
        – Archive Verifier
        – History Viewer
        – Message Repair
        – Archive To Go Indexer
        – Archive To Go Viewer

      Advanced – General tab

      • Do not re-archive items which are unread in both GroupWise and the target archive
      • When retrying after an export failure, skip folders previously flagged as problematic
      • Include folders marked skipped during a previous export
      • If an export does not complete normally, resume after the last successful folder
      • Number of folders allowed to have all messages deleted: 5 (default setting, user adjustable)
      • Number of missing GroupWise folders before skipping account: 10 (default setting, user adjustable)

      Advanced – Export Mode

      • Full Sync mode
        – Deleted items folder name: Deleted (default)
        – Purge Deleted Items Archive
      • Snapshot mode (legacy support)
        – Enable Snapshot mode

      Advanced – Contacts

      • Always export all contacts
      • Export new contacts only (default: checked)
        – Export all contacts when last archive is older than this number of days: 14

      Advanced – Documents

      • Export Library Documents to the external directory specified below

      Advanced – Debug

      • Include maximum debug information in the log files

      Advanced – Support Files

      • Clean up log files
      • Clean up History files
      • Log clean up operations

      Include GroupWise Archives Page

      • Updated text to clearly identify this page is about GroupWise personal archives
      • Easier addition of secondary archives
        – Add by browsing or manual path entry
        – Import from text file
      • General Options Page
        – ‘Build a search index for this archive’ is available for Enterprise export of a single account.
        – ‘If main account or personal archives are not selected for this update, preserve their previously archived data’
        Preserves existing data within updatable archives when the source data is not selected for export, for example when an existing archive includes GroupWise personal archive data but during the current synchronization the original GroupWise personal archive is not accessible.

      Archive Mode Page

      • Full Sync (default)
        – Full synchronization between the GroupWise account and archive by exporting new and modified items since the portable archive’s last update.
        – Keep an archived item when its original is deleted from GroupWise. Stores removed items in a special sub-archive folder, accessed using the Viewer’s primary/personal archive drop-down selector.
      • Partial Sync
        – Faster, partial synchronization between the GroupWise account and archive by exporting new and modified items since the portable archive’s last update. Deleted GroupWise items since the last update are ignored. Use Full Sync mode for deleted item synchronization.
      • Snapshot
        – Create a one-time snapshot of the selected GroupWise account(s). Full & Partial Sync modes are unavailable in the trial version. One-time snapshots cannot be updated. This option is normally hidden by default when the product is licensed.

      Filtering Options Page

      • Preserve previously archived items which do not fall within the filter scope (recommended)
        This option ensures that only the date range being processed for a folder will be impacted by additions, modifications or deletions.

      Folders Page

      • Supports selected folder updates to an existing (updatable) Archive To Go archive.
      • The specified folder(s) will be exported from the main account and/or personal archive(s).

      Output Options Page

      • By specifying the correct name syntax in the Archive folder name field, you can update an existing archive previously exported by a batch export session.
        – Updatable archives do not support being split into multi-volumes.

      Auditing Page

        – Unchanged

      Confirmation Page

      • Supports new features in settings list

      Done Page

      • Improved layout
      • Quick access to key tools
      • Archive Statistics
      • Archive Status
        – Summary log
        – Detail log
        – Verify
        -Open archive folder
      • Post Export Options (single accounts only)
        – Open archive in Archive To Go Viewer)
        – View history in History Viewer
        – Create desktop shortcut
      • Archive another account button

      Archive To Go Indexer

      • Supports updatable archives.
      • Automatic repair of illegal characters in FML message files.
      • Improved PDF support. Advance option to select pdftotext and itextsharp utilities for extracting text from PDF attachments.
      • Fast incremental index updates.
      • Options for index recreate and optimization.
      • Advanced options include verbose logging for troubleshooting.
      • Advanced options for keeping existing logs during an index recreate.
      • Index execution information is added to the history. Using the History Viewer you can review when index updates completed.
      • Updated indexing engine.

      Archive To Go Viewer

      • History Viewer and Indexer can be run from the Tools menu.
      • Message Repair is now integrated with Archive To Go Viewer and can be accessed from the menu: Tools | Advanced | Repair Message.
      • You can right click on an ‘unavailable’ external attachment and, if it is accessible, open the external attachment.
      • Active Archive section’s name is displayed at top of the message list view.

      Archive To Go Finder

      • Supports updatable archives.
      • When Finder is launched from the Viewer, the main Finder form is displayed automatically after the creation of a new index.

      Formativ Framework

      • The folder selector now displays the trash folder icon instead of a personal shared folder icon.
      • Ignore invalid MIME.822 file attachment: if the file size is less than a minimum size of 64 bytes, the MIME.822 attachment will not be saved.
      • The document library name is saved to the log when a document is saved to an external folder.
      • Added a new attribute “date-mod-by-api”, used only when the item’s modified date is changed by the GroupWise API accessing the message properties.


      • Other minor code improvements and optimizations.
      • Improved layout when large font scaling is used.

      Known Limitations

      • Updatable archives cannot be exported for different output media sizes.
      • If you are creating/updating an Enterprise System definition or using the Admin Wizard, to provide write rights to the configuration file stored in the “C:ProgramDataAdvansysArchive To Go” folder, you will need to start Archive To Go Creator or the Admin Wizard using the “Run as Administrator” option. If you don’t start as administrator and you do not have sufficient rights, you will be prompted to use “Run as Administrator” prior to being able to update the configuration file.
      • GroupWise related issues can cause Archive To Go to hang. A hang monitor is included in version 4.0, which will notify you if the program encounters a hang and optionally allow the program to be terminated. You will need to restart Archive To Go and recommence the export, which will resume from last successful folder. In some cases you may not see any prompt when the program encounters a hang. If you observe no activity for some time (i.e. item progress bar and progress text are not changing) then you may need to close the program from Windows Task Manager and start again.
      • The most common problems during archive creation are likely to arise from problems within the target GroupWise account. As such, where possible, the very first step prior to archive creation should be a full health check of the mailbox, primarily by running GWCheck with the appropriate options. See post below for more information:
        Troubleshooting Export Problems

      ===================================== PREVIOUS VERSIONS =====================================
      Version: 3.1
      Date: 18 June 2015

      New Features

      – New cloud based authenticated license system
      * Backward compatible with existing license files.
      * For Limited or Trial licenses, a warning prompt displays when unlicensed accounts are present prior to the export commencing.
      * An automated licensing file (*.alk), when present in the product installation folder or located in the same folder as the product installer, automatically licenses the product upon subsequent startup. Settings options can change *.alk behaviour, for example, to automatically delete the *.alk file once licensing is complete.

      – Confirmation page:
      * Accounts tab page lists accounts to be archived and their licensed status in the License Mode column.
      * Check box option to control a warning prompt when accounts are not licensed.
      * Options to sort list items by clicking on the column headers.

      – Admin Wizard: Added the following options to modify behaviour (i.e. About dialog, Check for update, Install license), default value is TRUE.
      * EnableAboutDialog: Enable or disable About Dialog.
      * EnableInstallLicense: Enable or disable install license option.
      * EnableCheckForUpdate: Enable or disable check for update option.

      – Template:
      * Updated template save dialog: Optional execution template password.
      * If an execute template password defined, then prompt for the password prior to executing the template.

      – Include GroupWise account ID & email address in the archive metadata (mailbox.xml).

      Fixes and Minor Enhancements

      – About Dialog:
      * Added a Contact us button.
      * Show additional license information.

      – Log:
      * Log the external attachments location.
      * Previously when a message failed to save, we only logged the Message ID. Now the log will show more information, for example:
      2015-03-25 17:45:08.048+11:00 [E] This message (ID = 5512A391.GWDEVDOM.GWDEVPO.500.18A7A70.1.44.1) will not be included in the archive
      Subject: Re: Website and Website Review Meeting
      Date: 7/08/2013 6:22:12 AM:

      – Bug Fixes:
      * Introduction page incorrectly shows Trial for the Limited license.
      * Minor disparity between folders count found on export summary screen compared with information written into export log.
      * Fixed minor Enterprise template bug, pressing Back & Next was showing an invalid template message.

      Description: Changes from version to
      Date: 25 February 2015

      – Supports new GroupWise 2014 proxy calendars.
      – Folders count in summary dialog now matches log entry.

      Description: Changes from version to
      Date: 11 February 2015

      Bug fixed:
      – When the “Save large message attachments as external files” option is enabled, attachments over the maximum size specified will be included in the archive when the target drive is D:, E: etc. Previously the external attachments option worked only on the workstation’s local C: Drive.
      See forum post: http://www.advansyscorp.com/forums/topic/3957043416/
      – For new Archive To Go installations, the default state of the “Save large message attachments as external files” option is now unchecked (not enabled).

      Description: Changes from version to
      Date: 20 August 2014

      Bug fixed:
      – An existing Trusted Application key created with Archive To Go 2.0 can now be utilized by Archive To Go 3.0. If you are using an Archive To Go 2.0 configuration file (config.bin) copied from another workstation, you will need to regenerate the Trusted Application key using version 3.0. The new format of the Archive To Go 3.0 configuration file (config.bin) supports Trusted Application key portability and can be copied to another workstation running Archive To Go Creator.

      Description: Changes from version to 3.0
      Date: 15 July 2014

      – Template support. Template files are self contained with predefined settings for creating an archive.
      * Automatically save current settings to “Auto_Last_Template”.
      * Execute an existing template by selecting from Creator, double-clicking the template file (file extension: .a2g), creating a desktop shortcut with a template command line parameter.
      * Hands-free template export automation by suppressing the confirmation and completion dialog; apart from the status dialog no other dialog will be shown.
      * An external application can use an existing template, modify it if needed, and initiate an export by passing the template as a startup command line parameter.
      – Support for the GroupWise 2014 web administration, which ues the new REST API introduced in GroupWise 2014.
      – Folder export filter which uses folder name matching to select folders during export. The folder name filter supports full name, partial name and wildcards.
      – Export message properties in both Local and Enterprise Access modes for the main user account and related native (personal) GroupWise archives.
      – Personal contact group export.
      – Automatically rename the archive output folder if the same folder name already exists.
      – Option to save large attachments as external files when the attachment size limit is exceeded (default is 50 MB).
      – Quick link to open exported archive folder location at end of process.
      – Log updated, including the following information:
      * reporting of shared folder rights and users;
      * Trusted Application optional IP Address & port;
      * system name, folder filter;
      * to help troubleshoot GroupWise data issues which prevent message export, to indicate which folder is about to be processed, an “archiving…” log entry is added before archiving messages from a folder;
      * archive account details (Name, ID, Domain, Post office name, etc);
      * folder level and log summary indicating documents which were not processed (either not accessible or unable to be saved);
      * unless email messages only are exported from a folder, the breakdown of other item types, such as tasks and appointments is now listed;
      * when unable to login to an account, the login failed entry has been changed from a Warning to an Error status; and
      * export duration details.
      – Advanced: Improved Workstation IP address configuration for the GroupWise Trusted Application creation.
      – Advanced: Added an options settings file switch called CreateShadowArchiveProgressFile, the default setting is FALSE. The shadow xml file will be created in “support-files” folder in the archive folder.
      – Advanced: Archive creation remote management using “Advansys.A2Go.Signals”. This class manages signals from the Archive To Go Creator (A2Go) process and raises events which provide progress updates to external applications.

      – Enterprise mode GroupWise Trusted Application config.bin settings are portable between different machines (config.bin is now fully portable).
      – Additional archive folder exception handling.
      – Prompt when the archive output or audit folders have read only access rights (write access is required for these folders).
      – Blank EncryptedKey caused error “Index was outside the bounds of the array”.

      – Updated UI colors.
      – Other minor fixes.

      – Updated UI layout and colors.

      – Updated to support large attachments saved external to the parent FML message file.

      – Due to a bug in the initial GroupWise 2014 client, including the default personal archive is not yet supported when using the GroupWise 2014 client. It is anticipated that this issue will be resolved by Novell in the GroupWise 2014 SP1 update. If this feature is required, use the GroupWise 2012 client.

      Description: Changes from version to
      Date: 16 October 2012

      – Added support for GroupWise 2012.

      Bug Fixes
      – Fixed errors like: “‘-120120523T00000’ is not a valid boolean value.”

      Description: Changes from version to
      Date: 8 March 2011

      – Added logging for common address book fields that are undefined.
      – Added support for common address book field ‘Suffix’.

      Bug Fixes
      – Fixed error in processing contacts: “The given key was not present in the dictionary.”
      – Fixed error when there is a broken post office link in the GWIA: ‘eDirectory Tree could not be set.’

      Description: Changes from version to
      Date: 25 October 2010

      – Added Archive To Go Viewer Start menu shortcut.

      Bug Fixes
      – Fixed missing target in Indexer Start menu shortcut.

      All Applications
      – Added support for Windows 7 64-bit (beta).

      – Added GroupWise External entities displayed in the System view.
      – Updated log format
      * Added workstation environmental information to the process log.
      – When ‘Include the default native archive’ is checked, Creator verifies the existence of
      the archive location. If not found, Creator notifies the user and auto-unchecks the option.

      Bug Fixes
      – Fixed error “Unable to cast COM object of type ‘System.__ComObject’ to interface type ‘Advansys.Formativ.Windows.ObjectAPI.Message'”.
      – Added code to resolve situation when the splash screen would not close automatically.
      – Eliminated error “ManagementObject: Not found”.

      – Improved preview display of PDF and HTML message attachments

      Bug Fixes
      – Fixed error ‘StackOverflowException’ when an item in the search results list has a missing date value.

      – Improved performance.
      – Updated log format
      * Added workstation environmental information to the process log.
      * Added logging for PDF attachments that cannot be indexed.
      * Added empty attachment count.
      * Added minor formatting improvements.

      Bug Fixes
      – Fixed error “FormatException” when attempting to handle error “OutOfMemoryException”.
      – Fixed error with PDF attachments: “Cannot process request because the process [ID] has exited.”
      – Fixed error with PDF attachments: some words were joined in extracted text.

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