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    Well here’s the deal. We rolled out 250 PC’s all with vbs scripting disabled courtesy Formativ. Is there any way of re-enabling vbs other than going to each desktop and doing it there or making registy changes (which hasn’t worked for us either)

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    Sorry to hear about the circumstance. Some background information can be found at the post http://www.advansyscorp.com/forums/topic/619103215/.

    While the feature was introduced with good intention to help protect end-users from rogue scripts, due to the potential inconvenience of the default setting (which can be disabled with an installation config file setting), we have changed the feature’s default operation in the forthcoming GW7 compatible version of Formativ 2.0.

    Unfortunately, post installation, the only easy way to reset the VBS settings on a central basis is to run a console utility which was written for this purpose. When run on the target workstation, it will restore the association and turn off the Formativ ‘disable associations’ Registry setting. The link to this utility will be sent to you via direct email.


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    Hi…can we get the link for that utility as well?

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    Here it is:


    Unzip the utility then run the application to restore the association.

    Please note Formativ 2.0.1 (a field test download is currently available) does not disable the association by default on installation.

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