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    After I archived an ex-employees email and deleted it from the server I got a call from someone that needed access to a folder the person had shared w/them. It took 3 DVD’s to archive the ex’s email and I don’t want to hand over all DVD’s to the person that only needs the one folder. Do I have any other option (excluding restoring the original email account) aside from going into each of the 100 + emails in that one folder and sending them to the person?

    Thank you

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    Thanks for your enquiry. We may be able to help you extract the folder of interest into a new archive. For this we will need to review the archive metadata.

    Could you send the following to support@advansyscorp.com please?

    • The _metadata folder (zipped). The metadata contains only Sender, Recipients, Subject and Date for each message; it contains only Display Name and Email Address for each contact.
    • The full path to the relevant folder. You can copy the path from the original process log file, which logs the path to each folder that is processed.

    Advansys Support

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