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    OK, I know I’m probably asking a stupid question, but all I can find is the DK help file – where’s the “kit”? I’m specifically looking for the .INI files to be used during silent install.

    In my office I’m using eDirectory to publish applets for everyones use. If I’m using the silent install to distribute just the runtime engine, do I need to include any of the registration codes in the INI file?

    Thanks for any answers!

    Bill Valaski

    CDS Associates, Inc.
    Cincinnati, OH USA

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    You can download the distribution kit from:


    This has an example of the INI file to be used with the Windows installer.

    The INI file entries provide separate functionality to the Windows installer command line switches. For example, the silent install is invoked with the ‘/S’ option and to register the software at the same time, use the /r-&ltRegistration Code&gt. As you probably have seen, these command line options are found in the Distribution Kit documentation.

    I hope this is the information you are seeking.

    BTW, please don’t feel concerned about asking questions on Formativ in these forums, regardless of the subject!


    Advansys Support

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