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    Hi there,

    we run Windows XP with the 7.0.2 HP2 Groupwise Client. Our Customers reporting the following error when they try to forward an embedded email attachment:Error D107 contact your system administrator. We find out, that if the runtime is disabled everything is woorking fine.
    Does somebody know about this issue ?

    thx André

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    Was there an update ever provided for this problem?

    [Email address snipped for privacy.]

    We are running Groupwise version 8.0.2

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    Support 1

    Novell informed us in May 2009 that this defect had been fixed in GroupWise client 8.0.0 HP2. I would expect you should not encounter this error with GroupWise 8.0.2.

    This issue was logged by Novell against the following defect numbers:

    Defect #: 461686
    Defect #: 486173

    If you need to contact Novell about this issue, it may be best to quote both defect numbers.

    Kind regards,
    Advansys Support

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