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    I have installed, uninstalled, redownloaded, etc. the outlook import. I am using the 2.0 version. We are migrating from Microsoft mail server, but all of our clients were running outllok 2000 to access their emeil so we use the pst and pab files in their personal stuff. When trying to run the import I continually get an error box that has “dde Server Window: Outlook.exe – Entry Point not Found” in the blue bar at the top and then The actual error message is “The procedure entry point WpxltW6ToUniLang_Size could not be located in the dynamic link library gwenv1.dll. This comes up twice intially then the Microsoft Outlook to NovellGroupwise screen appears where I can set options. I select the things I want to import (Basically everything), click next, say I am sure and the I get another error message that has the same error message but in the blue bar at the top it says “WMS ST Notif Window 00000A90 00000984: Outloook.exe – Entry Point …”. This message appears 8 striaght times. Then I get the following log:
    1:20:55 PM =======================================================================
    1:20:55 PM
    1:20:55 PM GroupWise version: 6.5.0
    1:20:55 PM Formativ version:
    1:20:55 PM Applet name: h:AdvansysFormativAppletsPersonal Outlook Migration_Express.vbf
    1:20:55 PM Applet version: 2.0.2
    1:20:55 PM
    1:20:55 PM GW address books available: 4
    1:20:55 PM GW book: Novell GroupWise Address Book (type: 2)
    1:20:55 PM GW book: Novell LDAP Address Book (type: 0)
    1:20:55 PM GW book: Frequent Contacts (type: 1)
    1:20:55 PM GW book: Melba Schemmel (type: 1)
    1:20:55 PM
    1:41:39 PM Total Outlook Accounts: 1
    1:41:40 PM Outlook Accounts name : “GroupWise Private Folders”
    1:41:40 PM
    1:43:11 PM Selected Accounts: “GroupWise Private Folders”
    1:43:11 PM Items To Import: Contacts, Appointments, Emails, Tasks, Notes
    1:43:11 PM
    1:43:11 PM Outlook user name: Unknown
    1:43:11 PM Outlook user email address: Unknown
    1:43:11 PM GroupWise user name: Melba Schemmel
    1:43:11 PM GroupWise user email address: Melba.Schemmel@owensborocatholic.org
    1:43:11 PM
    1:43:11 PM =======================================================================
    1:43:11 PM
    1:43:11 PM
    1:43:11 PM
    1:43:11 PM _______________________________________________________________________
    1:43:12 PM Outlook Account: GroupWise Private Folders
    1:45:04 PM _______________________________________________________________________
    1:45:04 PM
    1:45:04 PM _______________________________________________________________________
    1:45:04 PM SUMMARY
    1:45:04 PM Total Email items migrated: 0
    1:45:04 PM Total Notes Migrated: 0
    1:45:04 PM Total Tasks Migrated: 0
    1:45:04 PM Total Contacts Migrated: 0
    1:45:04 PM Total Appointments Migrated: 0
    1:45:04 PM _______________________________________________________________________

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. David

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