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      We’re using Archive To Go against GW 8.0.1 HP1.

      We successfully create the Archive and burn it to DVD media (some of these are VERY large archives).

      The problem is that when we open the archive from the media (which DOES work), when we perform a search, it usually either crashes or never finishes searching.

      Is there some limit as to the search? I would think that the index it builds would be fairly quick, but I’m not sure.

      The PC OS is Windows XP SP2/SP3.

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        Thank you for reporting this problem, which is not familiar to me.

        If there is an error message when Finder crashes, what is the text of the message? It’s possible that this is due to the .NET security mechanism which must be configured to allow execution of an application from a remote location. This would be relevant if your DVD reader is on a different machine. Please review this featured topic: Running Archive To Go from a Network drive.

        I am not aware of size limitations that apply to searching an archive. Assuming a valid index exists, Finder only reads the index data. Please send the index log (zipped) to support@advansyscorp.com; you will find this file in the archive sub-folder media-NN_indexinf (where ‘media-NN’ is the last volume in the archive).

        I look forward to your reply.

        Advansys Support

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