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    I’m in need of a temporary fix for some GW printing problems. I found the Print Message applet, and it is very very nice. Solves the problem I have 99%

    Of course, there is always that 1 percent. Wink

    Is it possible to adjust the margins that the Print Message applet uses? Thanks!

    FWIW – the layout of the portal looks very nice, and was commented on, about how nice it looked.

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    Thanks for your post and feedback. If we were to supply you with the source code for this Formativ Central Applet, do you have the programming skills in-house to modify it?


    Advansys Support

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    We haven’t had any report about the skipping full message content. It may be relate to the GW 6.5.4 client. Have you tried to re-produce this behaviour in later GroupWise client? Can you re-produce this behaviour with some specific messages?

    All applets supplied to the Novell Cool Solutions Applet Central area are not supported by Novell or Advansys. However, if you have the programming skill in-house to modify then we may be able to send you the open source version.

    Advansys Support

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