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    What advances are being made in the search/find area? I read the manual about how to search for subject, all, etc…

    That is too much for the regular user to deal with. It would be nice if we had a nice search tool like the one in GW. Where the search options are exposed right in the GUI.

    In any event, I am trying to search for an email address. I know the address contains the robles somewhere in the address. So I put robles in the find box and nothing is returned. I tried from:robles* and some different options. Nothing so far has returned teh email in question. Yes, there is an email in the inbox from someone with robles in the email address. I guess I need a better understanding of how the find works.

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    Support 2

    Thank you very much for your feedback and questions. We will certainly be enhancing the search engine capabilities in version 2.0. Originally we had planned to expose a more advanced GUI for the search facility but as we had very few requests for it beyond the existing simplified interface, we decided to coordinate it with enhancing the core engine, which will offer additional end-user search options.

    The way search works at present is that you need to put in the first characters of the whole word you are looking for and then the wildcard. If additional characters immediately precede the search text string robles* without a space, such as grobleston, the wildcard search would not find grobleston but rather it would find matches like robleston, robleskin, roblesse etc. In the case where you don’t know the beginning of the word or text string for which you are searching, you can try the Fuzzy search operator (~), which will find words with similar spelling, for example: from:robles~ (using address field search) or just robles~. While the Fuzzy search operator may return more results than you need it should also include the one you want.

    I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support


    The search does not seem to be working right. If I do a fuzzy search, the email in question is not returned. It doesn’t matter, even if I just search for robles, the email in question is not returned. If I search for the whole email address, the email I need is returned.

    email address: firstname.lastname@xyz.com
    If I search for firstname, I get the email I want. If I search for lastname, the same email is not returned. If I search for xyz.com, the email is NOT returned. In my mind, all 3 searches should produce the email I am looking for.

    Any ideas why my results are so off?

    I would like to add that as an enhancement request: Expose more search functions in the GUI…something close to the GW client.

    Support 2

    Thank you for the additional details and feedback. We can confirm that in addition to core search engine enhancements, we are certainly intending to add relevant GUI search extensions for the next major release, 2.0. We would like to do it earlier but our focus has been on fundamental export quality and also adapting to/testing minor GroupWise updates and of course, the major QA testing required for Bonsai, which is a timetable controlled by Novell.

    With regard to the search issue you are experiencing, from your last post, the search function appears to be working as outlined in our previous post, where you need to enter first characters of the whole word you are looking for and then the wildcard, in other words, firstname* is the first part of the email address character string firstname.lastname@xyz.com with the wildcard * appended. From your post it appears that this syntax is returning the results you expect.


    If I search for lastname, the same email is not returned. If I search for xyz.com, the email is NOT returned. In my mind, all 3 searches should produce the email I am looking for.

    As these character strings, lastname and xyz.com are not the first characters of the email address string firstname.lastname@xyz.com, then the search engine cannnot return the results you seek. If you don’t restrict your search to a specific field, like [b]from:[b], in other words you do a general search for lastname or xyz.com and they appear anywhere in other parts of a message as whole words, then these results would be returned.

    You can also use other approaches to do the search with a combination of search operators, including specific field(s), for example:

    Example 1: from:(firstname OR lastname AND @xyz.com~)
    Example 2: from:((firstname AND lastname) or @xyz.com~)
    Example 3: from:(firstname OR lastname or @xyz.com~)
    Example 4: firstname AND lastname AND @xyz.com~
    Example 5: from:(firstname OR lastname or @xyz.com~) AND (firstname AND lastname)

    The brackets in the examples help refine the search results. The first three examples are confined to the from field, the fourth example is an unrestricted field search and the fifth example uses a combination of techniques.

    The next version of the search engine technology will have extended capabilities and will be able to have wildcards prefixed to text, like *xyz.com. This enhancement combined with the GUI extensions will offer more flexible searching. To take advantage of the new search technology, it is planned that you will be able to reindex your existing Archive To Go archives.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

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