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    I hope this is the right place to ask this kind of question. We need to be able to copy some, but not all, appointments from one calendar to another.

    Details: The legislature has an “events calendar” that lists optional events for the legislators. Right now, secretaries receive this calendar as a PDF, and in each office, secretaries manually enter the information onto the legislator’s calendars, to which they have proxy rights.

    I can get this to work with a shared calendar, so that a secretary just needs to drag the desired appointments from the shared calendar to the legislator calendar…. but it only works if I to grant ALL RIGHTS to the secretary. This isn’t safe or acceptable. The “master” shared calendar must be secure and editable only from one source.

    Is there a ready-made solution out there? We will have formativ runtime licenses on all the accounts next year, and we will be purchasing Formativ Creator and Studio.

    However, we don’t have much time to work on developing our own applets. To me, it seems that there would be others in our situation.

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    You can use our Enterprise Calendar Dates solution to add, edit or delete common Appointments and Notes to your users calendar from a master account. You may choose to synchronize with all users in a Domain, members of one or more Distribution Lists, lists of users contained in a file, or individual users.

    Please note, Formativ commercial products are provided as free, fully featured 30-day trial software. For continued use beyond the evaluation period, you need to purchase and register the product with a registration key.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support


    I’ve downloaded Enterprise Calendar Dates, but it doesn’t appear to be what we need. (I can get DATES easily enough, but I haven’t had any luck with APPOINTMENTS.)

    We don’t want to broadcast these appointments to each person’s account. We want to allow users to pick and choose items from one calendar and move them to another calendar.

    Perhaps the iCalendar applet is what I should be looking at?

    Again, we’re just beginning to use the Formativ Studio and Creator (purchased just this morning), so please forgive me if my questions on this forum are pretty basic.

    I don’t want to waste the developer’s time if there is a ready-made solution that would meet our needs.

    Support 3

    We have written a solution which copy a selected Appointment to a pre-defined proxy account. We haven’t release this solution to the public. Please see below the description of the solution. If you are interested about the solution then send a email to support@advansyscorp.com.


    ‘ Formativ Solutions for GroupWise
    ‘ Create duplicate appointment
    ‘ Designed by: Formativ Business Solution Team
    ‘ Copyright (c) 2003 Advansys Pty Limited (http://www.advansyscorp.com)
    ‘ Version 1.2


    ‘ This applet duplicates a pre-existing appointment in a pre-defined proxy account.
    ‘ It also duplicates appointments from the defined proxy account back into your
    ‘ own account.

    ‘ INTEGRATIONS: Appointment toolbar.

    ‘ NOTES:
    ‘ – The appointment needs to be saved prior to running the applet.
    ‘ – The applet requires that you specify the GroupWise user ID of the proxy account
    ‘ you wish to create duplicate appointments in/from. To do this, set the constant
    ‘ – You must have the appropriate proxy rights to the account in which you
    ‘ wish to duplicate appointments.
    ‘ – Holding the SHIFT key will create a log file.
    ‘ – Unable to support ‘Expiration date’ and ‘Classification’ properties for the
    ‘ appointment message.
    ‘ – Unable to modify the group appointment message properties.

    ‘ – Support GroupWise 6.5 categories.
    ‘ – Check for appropriate proxy rights.
    ‘ – Support for duplicating alarm time.
    ‘ – Support attached email messages.

    ‘ Provide the USER-ID for the proxied account.
    const IDS_PROXID_ACCOUNT_ID = “Test”

    Advansys Support

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