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    I have used the Address Book Entry to Clipboard and the Address Book Publisher examples and both have very slow response whenever accessing the Novell GroupWise Address Book (373 entries). Response when using a personal address book is much quicker. Is this normal? What could be the cause of the slow response to the system address book?

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    Thank you for your question. What is ‘normal’ in terms of access speed is difficult to say, given so many factors may affect address book access. The fundamental difference between the System and Personal address books is that the System book is a shared resource by default, whereas personal books are not. This difference can affect the responsivness of programmatic access to address books (and any shared resource). Factors include your network topography, GroupWise system design, load and infrastructure.

    Depending on your specific needs, you might be able to create a personal address book based on the system address book for some purposes. This is obviously not ideal, but it is an alternative in some situations.

    What sort of difference are you experiencing accessing shared v. personal address books? What is the performance like if you create a personal book containing the same number of contacts as your shared book?

    I hope this information is of some assistance.


    For comparison, I copied all the entries from the Novell GroupWise Address Book to a new book and ran the Publish to Word example. All 327 entries were written to Word in 1 minute 20 seconds. Running the Publish to Word example on the Novell GroupWise Address Book, the entries are written to Word at the rate of about 5 per minute.

    Our GroupWise system consists of the headquarters domain as a hub with 5 other domains connected as external domains. I am connected to the hub domain. The GroupWise Address Book opens without delay.

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    Thank you for the test results. Unfortunately we don’t know why you would experience such a dramatic difference in performance between the system and personal address books. Formativ uses the same address book code to access both the system and personal ABs.


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