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    I am hoping to use the DisableCommand feature to stop my users editing some QA based Rules we are implementing onto everyone’s mailboxes. Since I can’t disable the edit on just one rule I am going to knock out the editor completely (brutal but necessary)

    I have tried using the Groupwise.DisableCommand call for 66 (About) and 62 (Rules?) but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

    I have put the call as …


    in an applet that runs on the OnStartup event but I can still access the About dialog.

    I have realised I can disable the Rules by having an applet that replaces the RulesListDlg event and then does nothing but display a message indicating rules are off but I’d rather just disable the command.

    We have Groupwise 6.5.2



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    I have test the GroupWise.DisableCommand(66) and GroupWise.DisableCommand(62), its disable the Rules and About dialog on GroupWise client 6.5.6 (01/02/06). Seems like a bug in GW 6.5.2, could you to restart GW client after disable the command. Alternatively, you may need to upgrade the GW client.

    Advansys Support

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