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    I am looking at ways of integrating MS Project with Groupwise(6.0). It will be a fairly manual integration that involves exporting real appts and blocked days to excel then into Project. Use that to level and schedule other work (tasks) and then import these new tasks into Groupwise (as appts so that they prevent double booking). I imagine that I would clear GW of previously imported appointments just before the new import.

    Lots of issues and directions obviously but I thought I would check here first to see if something like this had already been done. I am not wedded to MS Project.

    I have tried the free Export to Excel app and it works a treat. I was hoping I could find an identical Import from Excel applet but have only managed to find the Holidays one but I cannot figure out if it can do timed appts as opposed to all day ones. The text files contain some numbers after a T (like 00000 or 20300 but not sure what they mean).

    Just in case there are any other lateral ideas out there … the main aim is to get planned work into my groupwise calandar so that people cannot just book me out constantly. In addition, the GW Task lists just sit there without impacting my daily schedule. If I do just manually book time in, and don’t do the work (off sick say) then there is no easy way to redo it all. These features are bread and butter to a scheduler like MS Project (or TaskJuggler on Linux)

    Any thoughts? And sorry for the length

    Jon Cheyne

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