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      I would like to use the applets posted on the Novell site as a starting point to program my own applets. How do you “un-Flexlock” the applets of where can I get the source code?

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        You cannot unflexalock an applet. It is a security feature.

        We have a large number of sample applets available in the Developer Examples pack and the BrainShare examples pack. Have you looked at these?

        Please feel free to post any ‘how do I’ questions and we’ll see if we can come up with an example.


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          I observed the following:
          If you have have Runtime installed first, the Applet Central Applets are installing themselves as encoded applets, b/c the Runtime only executes encoded.
          If you install Creator/Studio only then you see the source code of almost every applet.
          (except emoticons…)
          Advansys might correct me here.


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            Some applets (especially the earlier ones) were supplied as both open source and encoded, and the version installed depended on the version of Formativ installed.

            Most newer CS applets are supplied Flexalocked, meaning you cannot access the full source code (though you can access a subset, normally constants). This was done to protect the IP of the applet authors.

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