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    Any idea how I can save a attachment with a different name with this function ?

    utilities.SaveMsgFileAttachments(Msg, “Mime.822”, True, DEFAULTFOLDER)

    Or do I have to rename it afterwards ?
    If so what would be the appropiate function ?

    TIA marc

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    This function does not let you save the files using different names. You would have to rename the files afterwards (or use the native Attachments collection, which would let you provide the name to save each file as).

    Use the RenameFile() function to rename a file. It returns a boolean if the rename works. Use it like this:

    if RenameFile("c:transferoldname.htm", "C:transfernewname.htm") then
         MsgBox "File was renamed"
       end if

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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