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    Just purchased Admin package and installed. First applet I tried to integrate is sending the following error message upon startup.

    C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativLocalReminderExecute_Example.vbf
    An unknown error occurred. at line 122, column 8

    I’m running GW6.03 client 10/25/02 release.

    Any advice?

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    Support 1a

    This is a very peculiar message. The applet in question does not contain the text ‘Folder.Object’, so I assume the message is generated by GroupWise. In addition, line 122 contains code that creates a new draft email message in your account via the mailbox object, which is a GroupWise folder.

    If this is the case, the problem may actually lie with your GroupWise account or client. I would suggest you request your system admin to perform maintenance on your account. Alternatively, you might try the applet on another machine.

    I have included below some simple applet source code that creates a new message in your account exactly the same way the reminder applet does:

    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)
      dim NewMsg
      dim MsgRecipient
      set NewMsg = GroupWise.Account.MailBox.Messages.Add(4)
      MsgRecipient = NewMsg.Recipients.Add(GroupWise.Account.Owner.EmailAddress,,0)      
      NewMsg.BodyText.PlainText = "This is a test"
      NewMsg.FromText = "Test"
      NewMsg.Subject = "Test Message"      
      NewMsg.Priority = 3
    End Sub

    Create a new applet on your machine, then paste this code into the applet and run it. It should cause a new message to appear in your in-box. If there is a problem with your account, you may well see a similiar message appear. If an error does occur, you almost certainly have a problem with your account or client that requires either account maintenance or a client re-install.

    I hope this helps,

    Advansys Support

    Support 1a

    A bug in this applet was recently identified that could cause the behavior described. An updated copy has been email directly to you.

    An updated copy of this example applet can be obtained by sending an email to support@advansyscorp.com.

    Advansys Support

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