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      I have installed for first time (clean) GroupWise 6.5.4, Formativ 2.0 Runtime AND Creator on my admin station running Win 2000 SP4 +++.

      MULTIPLE_SIGNATURES don’t even show up anywhere AT ALL – no buttons, not in Creator under Manage Applets, etc. — nadda! The install instructions stated to put it in your Advansyslocal folder “(which overwrites the shipping applet of the same name)” yet neither this local folder nor an applet of the same name exist! Secondly, no mention of Formativ or GroupWise client version requirements (if any) are mentioned on http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/9412.html at Applet Central.

      The Stationary Applet does show up in configuraiton, so I am able to tell it where STATIONARY_LOCATION resides, etc. etc. Only issue here is that when I select one of the SAMPLE STATIONARY templates, my HTML compose displays nothing at all. It is just blank, white, with none of the template displaying at all. Is this normal behavior?

      This occurs whether I open a new compose and THEN run the Stationary applet, or in the reverse order. I tested both ways sending to myself and there is no evidence whatsoever that this applet works at all as the messages come in 100% blank unless I type in test prior to sending in the body.

      Please advise.

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