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    I’m creating an applet that will detect a Reply or Forward event and respond to it. I’m using the Application level Integrations of ItemForward, ItemForwardFlat and ItemReplyItemOpen

    The reason for using these is that I want to know what type of Reply (Sender/All/incl Msg) or Forward (Attached/Flat) the user wanted.

    The detection seems to be working fine.

    If the incoming email meets certain criteria I ask the user if they want to ‘log’ the email. if they do then I cancel the Groupwsie event and handle the Reply/Forward via a VB app instead.

    If the user doesn’t want to ‘log’ the email then they should just get a normal Reply/Forward message to work with.

    My problem is that the Reply and Forward events are firing twice.

    This doesn’t matter if the CancelGroupwiseEvent is run as apparently it takes out both occurences (?), however of the user replies No to the ‘log’ question then the applet is triggered a second time and they get asked again!

    Is two occurences of these events normal? If so how do I stop the second one, or at least tell I am in the second one?



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    How are you triggering the forward or reply? There is a known issue in GroupWise 6.x.x (I’ve not looked to see if they’ve fixed it in 7 yet) that causes the reply/forward events to be fired twice if you use the Reply/Forward drop down button menu from the item view toolbar. It fires only once if you reply/forward _without_ using the drop down menu button. Unfortunately, as a third party we are powerless to detect and work around this bug.

    Novell have certainly been made aware of this issue.

    Advansys Support


    I think I was using the dropdowns although at the time I didn’t really worry about it. Certainly the dropdowns are commonly used here.

    Its good to know it is a known issue at least. We are on Groupwise 6.5 and not likely to jump to 7.0 in the near future.

    Meantime, I found a way round it by noting what the user had asked for (i.e. the type of Reply or Forward) and then canceling the event regardless (which stops the second call). I can then use Commander to replicate whatever the event was. Seems to work OK.

    Thanks for you help.


    Support 1a

    Thanks for the tip regarding how you work around the bug!

    Advansys Support

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