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    Do you have instructions for setting up the REST properties for GW 2014 and Enterprise Calendar dates.

    What server?
    What port? (I would think this would be standard)
    What login user? Is this the GWMaster account I use to sync calendar entries?

    The documentation included with the download still only lists setting up the trusted app with 2012, and I ma getting an error running this on 2014, which I was told was because I am using the old settings.

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    Thank you for your post. The server is the GroupWise server’s primary domain IP address and the port is the default REST Administration port.

    As with 2012 and earlier, you need to have System Administration rights to be able to create a Trusted Application key.

    It is possible to configure multiple master accounts and you can choose one for synchronization during a specific session.

    Apart from creating a system definition using the REST API, the process is the same for 2014 as it was for previous versions.

    We will send you some documentation via direct email.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

    Support 2

    Added reply to correct activity date following forum migration.

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