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    I’ve seen applets which delete or save attachments but we have a requirement that when an email comes in – the user can simply press a button which asks them where to save the attachment, after which it is deleted but the filename and/or the directory where it was saved is noted at the bottom of the email for reference..

    Has anyone developed an applet to do this or could someone point a novice in the right direction?

    Any help is much appreciated..

    Thanks, James

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    GroupWise does not allow deleting attachments from received email.

    However, GroupWise 6.0 or above can recreate the message (using API method AddExistingMessage) minus attachments, and insert reference text, eg attachment caption, into the email message body.

    Note that ‘recreate’ is different to cloning a message. Cloning is also possible in GroupWise, though it excludes part of the message (eg Properties), and is not available for received messages.

    You can find examples that save selected messages and their attachments to disk here.

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    Thanks, there is an applet at Coolsolutions called:


    Which says is can delete attachments in GW6 SP1+

    Does this re-create the message and then delete the old one?

    Thanks again,

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    Yes, that is correct. The solution recreates the received message without attachments and then deletes the original (puts it into trash).


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