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    I am trying to export a Groupwise archive folder using Archive2go Creator on Groupwise 8.0.1
    However i continue to receive the following errors below.

    2012-07-04 14:05:27.846+01:00 [E] Unable to reflect over method “GetMessage”:

    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: An invalid argument was passed in the function call.
    System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00 [W] Folders archived: 21 (163 found – 6 excluded)
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00 [W] 1 folder(s) could not be accessed.
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00
    Archive failure summary:
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00
    Main Account, Folder: “PR”, Messages archived: 895 (1,027 found)
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00

    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00
    Messages archived: 8,201 (8,333 found)
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00
    Contacts archived: 0 (0 found)
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00

    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00
    8,333 message(s) were archive candidates, but only 8,201 were archived.
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00
    Please check the log for details of messages that could not be archived.
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00
    7 message(s) contain an invalid Mime.822 attachment.
    2012-07-04 14:06:39.702+01:00

    Can anyone help me diagnose the cause of the [E] Unable to reflect over method “GetMessage”:


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    Thanks for your post.

    Please send the detail log (zipped) to Support (support@advansyscorp.com), which you will find in the target archive folder.

    We had a few reports about this issue and most cases it was resolved by following one or more of the tasks listed in this feature topic:
    Troubleshooting Export Problems

    Especially the following items:


    • Create a new folder and move potential problem messages

      Part of the GroupWise data store may become corrupted. Experience has shown that moving potential problem messages from one folder to a newly created folder can force a rewrite of the data store, which may rectify the access problem. After moving the messages from the ‘problem’ folder, you may need to delete it.

    • Folders which contain more than 5,000 messages

      If you are having problems exporting folders which contain a very large number of messages, try splitting the folder into new folders which contain less than 5000 messages each.

    It is probably also a good idea to update the GroupWise client from 8.0.1 to the latest patch release. After making the above changes, please do a thorough GWCheck (Fix Structure and Contents) before retrying the export.

    Hope this helps.


    Advansys Support

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