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    With the upgrade to GrouPWise 7 the default for Mime encoding changed from ISO-Default to UTF-8. This is a newer standard and allows for larger character sets. When one of our users sends an email out through our GWIA gateway to another department (one in particular) they are able to receive the message and read it, but when they attempt to Forward the message, their mail client (Outlook 2000) Mime encodes the entire message and when it gets sent out it gets rejected.

    We put a classification in the message portion of the email (via a Formativ Applet of course); So, my question is, can we stick the classification into the header as well using x-classification custom header?


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    We are not sure what you mean by the “x-classification custom header”, could you please provide more information. Do you set the classification using the message “Send Options”?

    Currently in GroupWise, we don’t think its possible to add classification to the message header. However, Novell has added the x-field support in Bonsai (GroupWise 8 onwards) which can be use to add the classification. The value of a x-field is just the IMAP header string.

    Just a thought, when you send the classification messages in GroupWise, you can change the mime encoding to ISO. See the PrefAdvanced token for more information.

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