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    We have been trying to set up Enterprise access following the instructions in the manual and going through the support forums, but we are still not able to connect to the system. I am logged into my Windows XP workstation with a personal ID and am logged into eDir with an admin account. I have mapped a drive to our mail volume which contains our PO and Domain directories. We have configured the Domain & PO, generated the trusted app key, verified its existence in C1, but continue to get an error when trying to archive a mailbox. We get an “Archive To Go could not log into the mailbox of user xxxx. No data has been extracted. Any help would be most appreciated.

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    The most common causes for this failure are:

    • in the System Definition, Post Office IP/Port or path information is either not specified at all or not specified correctly;
    • the optional trusted application workstation IP address is specified incorrectly. This option is not required for operation and if specified incorrectly it will cause process failure.

    Assuming that the issues above are not the cause, to help us identify the cause, could you please send us (to support@advansyscorp.com) the systems.xml and settings.xml files from the following folder:

    C:Documents and Settings[Windows User Name]Application DataAdvansysArchive To Go

    The Windows User Name needs to be the Windows User which is logged in when you run Archive To Go.

    Could you also send the partial log file which is produced in the export output folder and a screen shot of the error dialog which displays when it fails.


    Advansys Support


    If you have multiple trees, then the enterprise selection will not work.

    Hope this helps.

    Support 2

    In the case of multiple eDirectory Trees, customer feedback also indicates that Enterprise Mode should work if you authenticate to all Trees. This appears to be related to a requirement of the trusted application mechanism.


    User Account Status

    Another issue which prevents Archive To Go login access is if the user’s account is locked or disabled.


    Advansys Support

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