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    I need to enable / disable the gw8 auto-save feature by a formativ applet but could not find a possible way to do this up to now. (Groupwise version 8.0.2 with Formativ 2.5)

    It seems that there exists also no gw token for this action?

    The reason for requesting this feature is an issue which we think is caused by groupwise auto-save when a complex before-send-event applet is active (applet contains email preview, html signature & layout, barcode integration for dms and so on). So I want to disable auto-save functionality when the applet is launched and reactivate it after completion.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for your post.

    Unfortunately, we unable to locate any GroupWise token for the auto save feature. We suggest you to post a message to GroupWise API’s forum.

    From GroupWise help about the Auto-Save…


    Understanding Auto-Save
    When you compose a new message in GroupWise, items are automatically saved for you. This prevents the loss of any messages you are authoring if GroupWise unexpectedly shuts down. When GroupWise restarts, you have the option to recover these messages to finish composing them.

    When you are composing a new message in GroupWise, by default the message is automatically saved to disk every thirty seconds. The message is saved as a MIME file to c:Documents and SettingsuserLocal SettingsApplication DataNovellGroupWiseGWItemSave.eml. The filename increments if you are composing multiple messages simultaneously. When you save the message to your Work in Progress folder or close the item, the auto-saved message is deleted.

    When GroupWise starts, if there are auto-saved messages in the c:Documents and SettingsuserLocal SettingsApplication DataNovellGroupWise directory, a window is displayed letting you know you have auto-saved messages.

    You have the following options to deal with auto-saved messages:

    Retrieve all saved messages into GroupWise: Recovers the auto-saved messages in GroupWise so that you can finish composing the messages later.

    Delete all saved messages: Deletes the auto-saved messages from disk. The information in them is permanently lost.

    Ask again next time GroupWise is started: Retains the saved messages on disk but does not recover them in GroupWise. The next time that GroupWise is started, the same window reappears.

    Enabling or Disabling Auto-Save
    By default, Auto-Save is enabled.

    Click Tools > Options, then double-click Environment.

    Click the General tab, then select Disable auto-save to disable Auto-Save.


    Deselect Disable auto-save to enable Auto-Save.

    Click OK.

    Based on the above information, when the message saved to Work In Progress folder, auto saved messages deleted. May be another option could be when your applet launched, it saves the draft message so the GroupWise auto save feature will not require to save the message. You can call the ItemSaveMessageDraft() method to save the message.

    For example:

    call groupwise.ItemSaveMessageDraft(“Test HomeWork In Progress”)

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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