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    I’ve come across an interesting issue where a modal form from a macro is not being displayed for the email OnSend event when replying to an email read through the GroupWise Notify popup.

    Here is a little information about the macro. The macro shows a modal form for the event OnSend before groupwise event. This happens for Email, Tasks, Appointments, Discussion, Notes and Phone Messages. GroupWise version is 7.04 and Advansys Formativ is version 2.0.

    Steps to reproduce the issue:
    – Ensure Group Wise Notify is on
    – Compose and Send an email so that the modal form is displayed (Do not close the form)
    – Receive an email and when the notify window pops up click the read button
    – Reply to the received email.
    – Macro form does not appear when replying to the received email because the modal form is still displayed for the first email.

    Note that the modal form does appear when replying to the second email if the modal form is closed for the first email.

    I’ve searched through the forums for a solution however I was not able to find any pertinent information about the issue.

    Does anyone have a solution or possible ideas on how to have the macro form displayed when replying to the second email in this situation?

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    Formativ is designed to execute one applet at a time. This means any currently executing applet must complete before another can be initiated. While Formativ allows you to chain applet execution, this feature still complies with the one applet at a time restriction.

    Being independent from the GroupWise Client process in which Formativ runs, the Notify program process will open/send messages regardless of any applet currently being executed.

    One work-around may be for the applet to close Notify when it starts and re-open it at the end of the process. This may not be practical and not sure of the overhead involved.

    Kind Regards,

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    Thank you for your post. The information you provided does shed some light on the process.

    Unfortunately I think we will have to live with the issue we are having and just inform our users not to reply through the notifier.

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    You are welcome.


    Advansys Support

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