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      We’ve noticed a strange quirk of Message Saver in that it seems to flag the timestamp of a saved message with time that’s independant of the computer clock on the workstation.
      Eg, message saved at 10:10 on 07/08/2007 shows file time stamp in explorer of 19:35 on the same date.

      Is this a bug or something we can address on the client side?

      It’s not something that’s really hindering us but it’s an embaressing little quirk we’d like to get rid of.



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        Thank you for your enquiry.

        You can change a Message Saver setting which affects the file timestamp:

        • Hold CTRL down when starting Message Saver to open the Configuration Settings dialog.
        • Go to the Options tab.
        • In the box “Save messages optimized for” select “File Explorer” if you want Explorer to show the correct date. Alternatively, set the selected item to “Message Viewer (recommended)” if you prefer to see the correct date in the Message Viewer item list.

        Unfortunately it is not possible to support both views of the saved messages.

        The date/time displayed may differ by a few minutes or seconds from that shown by the GroupWise client. This seems to occur infrequently, for example with messages originally received as attachments, or which were created/received by GroupWise version 6.0 or below.

        I hope this helps.

        Advansys Support


          Thanks for the (very speedy) reply.

          Changing the save optimisation to File Explorer produced exactly the same result. Same date stamp on the file and data/time within the produced .fml stayed the same (matched the Groupwise timestamp on the message).

          Anything else we can try?

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            Which timestamp column are you looking at in File Explorer – Date Modified or Date Created?

            The timestamp set by Message Saver affects the Date Modified column.

            Advansys Support

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