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    We have a large archive that’s taking over 6 hours until we then get an object referenced error. What can we do to get this account archived?

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    We have received few reports about this issue and most case it has been fixed by applying following suggestions:

    • We recommend running GWCheck on the affected account prior to archiving.
    • We always recommend using the latest point release of the GroupWise version. For example, we have received report that a defect in 7.0.3 client causes Archive To Go to stop when processing a phone message, this issue has been fixed in 7.0.4. Please check the list of updates at the following address, to find out if your installation is up to date:
    • Make sure you are running latest version of the Archive To Go. See support pages for more information: http://advansyscorp.com/atg-support.htm
    • Divide a large GroupWise folder (ie. containing 4,960 items or more) into smaller folders. For example, you could move some messages from Mailbox to Mailbox-2008, Mailbox-2007, etc. Try this with just one folder to start. If you see improved results you may need to repeat the procedure for another large folder, and so on. Other users of Archive To Go have reported positive results from this technique.
    • If you want to include native GroupWise archives, please make sure the folders are not ‘Read-only’.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support


    I followed your link and see a 7.0.3HP4, which I applied with no change…this runs for hours and fails on one archived folder…it does not have more than 4,000 items. We are running the most recent Archive2Go, not the new indexer, but it isn’t making it that far. I ran maintenance on the live mailbox and on the archived messages (this is where it fails)…still no change.

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    Thanks for the additional information.

    >I ran maintenance on the live mailbox and on the archived messages

    What do you mean by ‘maintenance’ – is this GWCheck?

    Please zip and send the archive log file (in the archive folder) to support@advansyscorp.com. If any errors appear on screen during processing, please include screen shots of these in your email.

    We have noticed that, unfortunately, there is a noticeably higher error rate in processing GroupWise personal/native archives. It may be best to create two archives for the relevant GroupWise account: one for the main mailbox, one for the personal archive. I suggest that you restart the machine prior to archiving the personal archive.

    The ‘new indexer’ (ie. will not help to complete the archive process. However, when your archives have been created, I strongly recommend using it instead of any earlier version; several customers have reported improved results.

    Please let me know how you go.

    Advansys Support

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