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      Question: How can I change the icon of a message in the mailbox based on the from text.

      Background: We are upgrading an existing windows application to an asp.net application. The existing application sends the email using the gwObjApI and sets the message class to ‘GW.MESSAGE.MAIL.MyApp’ or ‘GW.MESSAGE.MAIL.MyAppUrgent’. We changed the icon using a C3PO.

      The new application doesn’t use the objAPI to send the email so we can’t set the class of the message or change the icon.

      I was hoping to create a formativ applet to read all the messages in the message store and change the icon based on the sender of the message.

      Or if there were a way to change the class name of a message to ‘GW.MESSAGE.MAIL.MyAPP’ then I could set up an integration to change the icon.

      Any Ideas??


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        Dear Amy,

        The only way to change the icon of a message is via a C3PO (or Formativ, which does this using the C3PO technique). There is no way to change the class type of an existing message – classname is a read-only property.

        The only technique I can think of would be to write an applet that scans the mailbox and re-creates each message using the appropriate (custom) message class. You would need to use the Object API AddExistingMessage() method to do this – see the Novell Object API docs for details.

        I hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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