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    We are trying to migrate mail using the outlook migrator from Advansys and after a few minutes of the migration, a message pops up saying that something is accessing outlook. Do you want to allow it, allow it for 1 minute, allow it for 10 minutes…

    Anyone know how to get around it?


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    The note below refer to the Outlook security limitation which taken from the solution help. Please see the help for more information.

    Outlook Security Update

    The Microsoft Outlook Security features help guard against viruses attachments to e-mail messages. The security features are installed Microsoft Outlook 2002, which means that a standard installation locked-down settings established by Outlook. The security features limit certain functionality with Outlook. access to the Outlook automation code. One such side affect will appear periodically as the personal migration applet accesses during the migration.

    There are several approaches you can take to stop this warning the migration process. You can disable the warning message expected duration of the migration, disable the warning completely, utility to dismiss the dialog for you. Please see the following links for more information. These links information only. Advansys offers no warrantees over the information referenced below.


    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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