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      I’m having issues with archiving accounts with Advansys Archive 2 Go

      When archiving accounts, all appointments (received or created) are resend to all people who are in these appointments. Which, in some cases, causes mass emails to be send to particular persons.

      We think this is due to the fact that you can have read or accept acknowledgements and Advansys Archive 2 Go opens every item to archive it. Thus, sending an email to the members of an appointment, letting them know that particular account has opened the appointment.

      Can I disable this or fix this issue?

      We have Advansys Archive 2 Go build
      8 March 2011

      Leon Moris

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        Hi Leon,

        We are not familiar with the problem with appointments. As we need to gather further information below, we recommend replying by direct email to support AT advansyscorp.com.

        As it appears from our records that you have been using Archive To Go for many years, when did you first notice this problem? If it is a recent problem and assuming the version of Archive To Go has not changed, what else may have changed within your environment?

        Which version of GroupWise Client for Windows are you using?

        Does this issue occur for all GroupWise accounts which you export?

        In the GroupWise client (or in the default client settings at the PO), for the GroupWise account being exported, what are the Return Option settings for Opened appointments under Tools | Options | Send | Send Options | Appointments? What are the Opened notification settings for other message types, such as mail, task etc?

        Are you using Local or Enterprise Mode to export the mailbox? If Local Mode, have you tried using Enterprise Mode? Local mode uses GroupWise APIs which cause a message to change from read to unread when accessed for export. To overcome this GroupWise API behaviour, Archive To Go resets the message to unread status after exporting an unread message. Enterprise Mode uses special APIs and may not trigger the item Opened notification settings.

        Please send your responses to support AT advansyscorp.com.

        Kind Regards,

        Advansys Support

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