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      One of our users successfully created a A2Go archive and then burnt it to CD.

      When they subsequently try to read the archive from the CD they get the following error:

      Exception ERegistryException in module A2Goview.exe at 0008AE4E. Failed to set data for “.

      Any ideas what’s causing this and how to resolve it?



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        Thanks for your enquiry.

        We have not seen this error previously. Could you describe what the user was doing with Archive To Go at the time? For example, was it on starting the Viewer or opening a search hit from the Finder, or something else?

        Does the error occur when viewing the CD on a different machine?

        What operating system is running on the affected machine?

        It’s possible that this is caused by a virus or some other malware. (See http://www.winvistatips.com/application-error-t117021.html for details.) You may wish to run a thorough scan on the system.

        I look forward to your reply.

        Advansys Support



          I believe that the user was viewing the archive off the CD on a different machine and was when she double-clicked on the viewer.exe program.

          One further question that may be related… if an archive spans more than one CD or DVD do you have to copy the entire archive to a hard disk before you can read it properly?

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            Thanks for the additional information.

            If an archive spans more than one CD/DVD it is not necessary to copy to a hard disk for viewing. The Viewer will prompt when a different volume is required for viewing the desired item. The only scenario which requires copying the archive to hard disk is when an index was not created prior to copying the archive to CD/DVD.

            I look forward to your responses to my earlier questions.

            Advansys Support

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