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      Hi, I am trying out the Message saver pack 1.2 and I have a question and issue that I came across.

      1. I have noticed that after I save a file in msg saver and I exit Groupwise (6.02), I get several application errors. Here are the errors Grpwise.exe-application error ” The instruction at “0x02ec43a6” referenced memory at “0x03a16814″. The memory could not be read.” “Runtime error 216 at 02EC43A6”. This does not occur if I exit Groupwsie without saving any file in msg saver.

      2. When saving entire folders is there a way to save all the msgs with the same folder structure in message saver preferably automatically. Perhaps even the option of saving several msgs to a specific folder without always having to change the defualt folder.


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        Thank you for enquiry.

        • We have been investigating the application errors you describe. They are related to Formativ 2.0 and we are working on fixing the problem. Please check the Formativ Support page Update History over the next few days, when we will release a free update.
        • Unfortunately Message Saver 1.2 does not provide a way to export the GroupWise folder structure. (We are working on adding this feature for the next major release.)

          If you want to avoid changing your usual default folder, have you tried using configure session mode? This mode is described in the supplied Users Guide. In configure session mode, you can change the default folder temporarily, ie. only for the current session of Message Saver:
          1. Select the messages/folder to save, then hold the SHIFT key as you start Message Saver. The Configuration Settings (this session only) dialog will appear.
          2. Select the specific folder you require.
          3. Click OK to save.

          When saving has completed, your original default folder will be restored.

        I hope this helps you.

        Advansys Support

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