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    I am a new just getting started with this product. Receving the following when I click on templates or stationery
    Cannot create one or moe NDAP active x controls: edirectory/dds fields will not be available. Please ensure that these controls are installed properly. you can download the controls from these locations.
    http:developer.novell.com/ndk/activex core.htm
    http:developer.novell.com/ndk/activex ndap.htm

    if you require further assistance contact your system administrator

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    If you wish to include SmartFields for eDirectory/NDS fields in your stationery, then you will need to install these ActiveX controls. Please see Help – “Support for eDirectory/NDS Fields” section for more information. Place a check mark at “Do not show this message again” if you do not want this warning to appear again. You can always allow the warning to appear again – see the SmartFields settings.

    Once you installed these controls, you will need to manually register it, see the post below for instrusctions:

    Advansys Support

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