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      I have the following error in formativ runtime 1.6, when exporting files to a directory:

      AN ERROR occurred in
      applet “Export_Flexalock.vbf“

      Formativ Applet runtime error
      C:Documents and SettingsmitchbMy DocumentsAdvansysFormativAppletsExport_Flexalock.vbf
      Input past end of file at line 265, column 6

      This occurs using the “EXPORT TO DISK” applet while proxying to another system resource. I can export with no issues from my mailbox.

      Can someone help me with this error ??

      Thnak you

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        As this applet was user-contributed, Advansys does not provide support for it.

        If you are seeking a more robust solution, you may wish to look at our Advansys Message Saver Pack 2.0, which offers a free 30-day trial.


        Advansys Support


          We should be able to post questions, maybe someone else knows the answer:

          Note: As the original author of the solution is no longer available and while it is not officially supported by Advansys, you can post questions on our Support forums: http://www.advansyscorp.com/forums/forum/3634089931-2/6494075512-2/.

          My version of “Export to Disk” worked until just recently. I wonder if some new file caused Export to Disk to now fail?

          Support 2

            Absolutely, we encourage you to post questions to the forums to give other users the opportunity to help. The last post was simply to identify that Advansys does not provide support for this solution.

            You may wish to review what recent changes have occurred within your system environment which may have precipitated the problem.


            Advansys Support

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