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    I use GroupWise 6.5 and i need to add some text to a BodyText-field (Tasks, Appointments)

    Is it possible to change the BodyText from a already existing Task or Appointment.

    Thanks for any kind of help

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    Support 1a

    GroupWise security precludes you from changing most attributes (including the body text) of pre-existing Group items. (i.e items sent to you from someone else).

    You are able to change more attributes of posted (i.e. personal) items, but I suspect this is not what you want to do.

    Depending on your needs, you may wish to investigate the possbility of adding custom fields to the messages instead, or storing custom data externally (a database perhaps?) and linking it to the GroupWise message via its message ID).

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support


    I synchronize GroupWise (Tasks, Appointments,…) with a PDA with Intellisync from Pumatech and this program adds a flag to the Bodytext (eg. Private Flag: 0 for a public item) during synchronisation. The problem now is that GroupWise does not recognize a private item and so you have so set each item manually into private status. So i decided to search for this flag in the bodytext and set the private-flag for Groupwise with help of Formativ. This works fine, but there are still some items without this flag (eg. new items created in Groupwise). I try to avoid to create these items as new items just to add this flag.

    best regards Manfred


    Hi Manfred,

    i use a lot of task. Each time i work on a task i write it down. To see when i send some timeon this task i insert a Timestamp automatically. Mabye it works for you.

    Regards Ralf

    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

    dim iMsg
    dim sMessage
    dim NL
    dim Stamp
    dim Cost

    NL = Chr(13) & Chr(10)
    InsTab = Chr(9)
    Cost = InputBox(“Cost: “,”Time in Minutes”)
    Stamp = NL & NL & _
    “~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~” & NL & _
    “changed on:” & InsTab & Date & ” – ” & Time & NL & _
    “Cost:” & InsTab & InsTab & Cost & NL & _
    “~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~” & NL & NL

    ‘ Use the draft message ID (X00)
    sMessage = GroupWise.ItemGetText(“X00”, itfMessage)

    sMessage = Stamp & sMessage

    Call GroupWise.TextSetMessage(sMessage, False)

    End Sub

    Support 1a

    Thanks for your input Ralf!

    Advansys Support

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