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      Our windows guy upgraded <G!> to Windows Active directory for our domain. When I rebooted I knew Windows Firewall had been activated because it wanted me to block my dpmw32.exe (NovellPrintmanager for iPrint). I also got this bitmap from Advansys Formative GroupWise Customizatin Made Easy!:
      The Windows Script Host Has Been Disabled. to protect you from potentially malicious scripts, the ability to automatically run VBS and VBE scripts has been disabled on this machine. Please contact your system administrator if you require more information.

      Well I am the Network Administrator and the windows guy takes care of the Windows domain and neither of us know what happened.

      I turned off windows firewall again and as far as I can tell formativ seems to be working, but I wouldn’t gurantee it as I haven’t used it much yet.

      Any ideas out there

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        In versions prior to 2.0.1 (currently in Field Test mode), the Formativ installer would disable the association between VBS/VBE files and the Windows Script Host. It would reassign the association to an application that displays the message you mentioned.

        I’m not sure why you would start to see this message now, other then whatever has been done during the upgrade has caused a VBS or VBE script to be automatically executed. The message box you mention above will contain the name of the VBS file some process is trying to activate.

        You can re-assign the association from the Formativ Windows Control Panel applet – press the ‘restore association’ button under the additional security section (and ensure the ‘disable association…’ option is unchecked).

        I hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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