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    We have a newly built Win2000 machine that we are using to test the installation of the Formativ OEM Solutions engine (formativsolutionsengineOEM.exe).

    When the user is logged in as a Administrative user, the installation works properly. When the user is logged in as another user, not in the Administrator’s group (in our case, member of Power Users), the installation reports the following error:

    Dialog Title: Error
    Dialog Msg: The file ‘C:WINNTsystem32shfolder.dll’ could not be opened. Please check that your disk is not full and that you have access to the destination directory. Access is denied.

    Does the user installing the OEM engine have to be a member of the Administrator’s group on the destination computer?

    Thank You

    John H
    IntelliReach Corp.

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    As a followup to question, I did find in the readme.txt file the following, under the System Requirements section:

    – The GroupWise C3PO architecture dictates that users require read and write access to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE area of the Windows registry. Formativ will still operate without this access, but applets would need to be installed by an Administrator.

    Just wondering if this has something to do with it.

    Thanks Again

    Support 1a

    This file is installed to the Window system directory as per a recommendation from Microsoft in regards to system path determination. In this regard, the installation currently requires the rights to write into this directory.

    Does the installation continue when this error occurs?


    Advansys Support


    No, the installation halts at this point.

    We have traced this to be a permissioning issue on the shfolder.dll file itself. Power Users and Users do not seem to get write permissions to this file by default. We added the write permission to the Power Users group for the file, and were able to successfully install the OEM Engine.

    We verified both the failure and success again on a clean rebuild of the machine.

    Support 1a

    Thanks for the additional information. We’ll investigate this further on Monday and report our findings in this thread.

    Advansys Support


    We have added the requirement that the user must have administrative rights to perform the installation, so we are now able to workaround this problem.

    Thank you again for your response.

    Support 1a

    Thanks for the update. We are still looking into the issue.


    Advansys Support

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